Forecast Forum 2020

Watch the Recording of the Digital Forum

From October 29—31, 2020, the nominees in Forecast’s fifth edition shared their projects with the public in a livestreamed digital event. A recording of the three-day Forum is now available here.

Day 1, October 29

Resistance through Duration
Mentor: Markus Öhrn
Contributions by: Only Game in Town (FR/DE), Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (GH), Lulu Obermayer (DE)

Curating as Unearthing
Mentor: Koyo Kouoh
Contributions by: Aude Christel Mgba (CM), Myriam Amroun (AL), Ozoz Sokoh (NG)

Forecast Forum, Day 1, October 29

Day 2, October 30

Cooking for Change
Mentor: Manu Buffara
Contributions by: Andrea Nones-Kobiakov (US/VE), Paula Erstmann (DE), Elijah Ndoumbé (FR/US)

Dissecting Technocapitalism
Mentor: Evgeny Morozov
Contributions by: PostRational (UK), Yelta Köm (TR), Joana Moll (ES)

Forecast Forum, Day 2, October 30

Day 3, October 31

Still Images, Loud Voices
Mentor: Tobias Zielony
Contributions by: Matthew C. Wilson (US), Mafalda Rakoš (AT), Adéolá Ọlágúnjú (NG)

Future Traditions in Music
Mentor: Du Yun
Contributions by: Jonathan Reus (NL/US), Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo (US),
S. Bercetche and T. Lebrero (AR)


Forecast Forum, Day 3, October 31