A Project by Segundo Bercetche and Tomi Lebrero

Eternal Procession

As nominees in the category Future Traditions in Music, mentored by Du Yun, musicians Segundo Bercetche and Tomi Lebrero propose a project that gives new life to a traditional instrument with a complex history.

The bandoneon, a musical instrument similar to the concertina, was originally developed in Germany for religious processions. By the late nineteenth century, sailors brought it to Buenos Aires, Argentina; there, according to bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla, the instrument ended up being used in brothels and cabarets.

Based on the bandoneon’s complex history, musicians Segundo Bercetche and Tomi Lebrero are working on an experimental short movie that would reconnect the instrument with its roots, from the religious processions to tango and folk music, while simultaneously posing questions about its possible futures.

At the digital Forecast Forum, they will premiere the film, telling some of the stories that surround the bandoneon through songs and images.

Segundo Bercetche and Tomi Lebrero. Video by Moois