A Project by The Only Game in Town

LD50: The Vorkoster

In the category Resistance through Duration, mentored by Markus Öhrn, Only Game in Town (Louise Pons and Mirjam Schaal) propose a series of performances in which three fictional nominees will enter the stomach of a living human being: the Vorkoster.

The Vorkoster is the lucky human chosen by LD50 to ingest the three selected nominees. Shrunk to the size of a pill and swallowed by the Vorkoster, they will live inside his body.

Their arrival inside the Vorkoster's stomach will be broadcast, and their risky life inside the cavernous organ will be turned into a series of performances.

With LD50, the viewers get the chance to observe how the nominees will evolve and progress inside the Vorkoster’s digestive system.

At the digital Forecast Forum, they will share a live open rehearsal of their durational theater play. In the video below, they reveal more details about the titular Vorkoster and his strange pills:

Only Game in Town. Video by Moois