A Project by Andrea Nones-Kobiakov

Whatever That Ground May Be

Artist Andrea Nones-Kobiakov is a nominee in the category Cooking for Change, mentored by Manu Buffara. She works across photography, performance, and site-specific installations to pursue themes that reflect on displacement and comfort through the materiality of food and ingredients.

In her project for Forecast, Nones-Kobiakov proposes a reimagining of urban farming while focusing on family recipes and associations attached to certain smells and tastes. With this new type of urban farms, she explores our relationship with our surroundings through food.

Using a mixture of poly- and permacultural techniques with newer technologies such as hydroponics and specially designed greenhouses, she aims to build site-specific permaculture crops. These will in turn create self-sustaining ecosystems that grow specific recipes. This project will start with a selection of close family recipes, allowing our sensorial memories to flourish.

At the Forecast Forum, she will show a video work documenting the different parts of the process, which culminates in a communal gathering and a meal.

Here, she talks about what inspired her to develop this project:

Andrea Nones-Kobiakov. Video by Moois