A Project by Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT]

Emergency CODE: pAUSE and pULSE

Artist and performance curator Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi is a nominee in the category Resistance through Duration, mentored by Markus Öhrn. She will investigate the relationship between contemporary performance art, rituals and performative artifacts, and organic and inorganic materials.

She proposes a durational performance that’s an artistic exploitation of the performer's body as clinical code and mediator between performances and the audience in contemporary art practice.

The project will also explore currents within the medium of durational performance, its materiality, spiritual embodiments, and poetic symbolisms. Elikem Fiatsi aims to create improvisations that could challenge the perceptions of time while transforming performance energy and emotions into sculptural pieces, solidifying acts and actions into objects.

At the digital Forecast Forum, viewers will be guided through a labyrinthine space in which the performer incubates.

Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT]. Video by Moois