A Project by Elijah Ndoumbé

Bienvenue À Ma Table

A nominee in the category Cooking for Change, mentored by Manu Buffara, multidisciplinary artist Elijah Ndoumbé’s project for Forecast is a multimedia eating experience for a live audience.

The proposal seeks to bring traditional food from the chef’s Cameroonian and French roots to audience members while immersing them in various aspects of the cooking process: Through moving images, photography, and sound, Ndoumbé will contextualize what the meal symbolizes and represents for its maker, and track the origins of the ingredients used in the cooking process.

Ndoumbé’s artistic practice engages with embodied methods of artistic connection, revolution, and radical imagination. As a member of The Queer Salon in South Africa, Ndoumbé is deeply involved in creating spaces for such encounters.

At the digital Forecast Forum, Bienvenue À Ma Table invites viewers to witness the process behind some of Ndoumbé’s familial dishes through a video work.

Elijah Ndoumbé. Video by Moois