A Project by Lulu Obermayer

Frauenliebe und Leben

A nominee in the category Resistance through Duration, mentored by Markus Öhrn, Lulu Obermayer engages with female subjectivity, agency, and representation in the context of operas and classical music.

As part of her Forecast project, she researched female opera protagonists who shed their victimhood and become perpetrators. Her proposal tackles Robert Schumann‘s song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben: In eight songs based on poems by Albert Chamisso, Schumann draws a picture of a devoted and loyal nineteenth-century woman who dedicates her life to a man, only to disappear in his shadow.

Obermayer plans a performative project that deconstructs the cycle by stretching its twenty-four-minutes’ duration to an eight-hour performance. The cast becomes a choir that simultaneously resists and complies with the themes of female love and life and reflects on female emotional labor, which is often unpaid.

Lulu Obermayer. Video by Moois