A Project by Matthew C. Wilson

Factitious Flora

Visual artist and experimental filmmaker Matthew C. Wilson is nominated in the category Still Images, Loud Voices, mentored by Tobias Zielony. His proposal investigates, images, and reimagines possible plant formations.

Diverse descriptions of flora, from mystical to mechanical, reflect the range of human ideas about plants. Meanwhile, artificial selection physically shapes many plant species. Colonialism and industrialism radically redistributed and reorganized biological life on the planet. Today, automated, controlled environments bring plants into new networks of relations while synthetic biology materializes previously impossible plants. The impact of climate change on Earth’s systems and agriculture drive further vegetal variation and transformation.

Taking the form of an experimental film, Factitious Flora looks toward the ongoing emergence of new botanical possibilities—in both idea and organism—as well as future plant/human, plant/machine, and plant/planet relations. Factitious Flora is developed in close dialogue with plant scientists and horticulturists.

At the digital Forecast Forum, Wilson will share the video work in progress, and discuss some of the science and methodology behind his research.

Matthew C. Wilson. Video by Moois