A Project by Yelta Köm

Hide & Seek

Researcher, artist, and architect Yelta Köm is a nominee in the category Dissecting Technocapitalism, mentored by Evgeny Morozov. His project for Forecast, titled Hide & Seek, looks at mapping technologies, digital image production, and data collection processes to understand how surveillance systems and data-driven structures influence heritage and memory-building, as well as a city‘s appearance.

His proposal asks how technology will affect the virtual imaging of future cities—and what kind of resistance mechanisms could emerge to counter them. Based in Berlin, Köm proposes a series of public interventions around the city to camouflage surfaces, inspired by calibration targets for satellites used for aerial photography and mapping systems.

For the Forecast Forum, Köm will launch an interactive website, which shows cell towers around the world, and contextualizes the information with articles and discussions on urban data sovereignty and surveillance systems. In addition, a fictional Urban Surveillance Bureau in Berlin will offer new urban imagineries and dissident walking tours, in which participants can learn more about how they give permission to big enterprises to access their data.

Watch Yelta Köm discuss his approach in the video below:

Yelta Köm. Video profile by Moois