Victor Artiga Rodriguez

Post Punk Performance

Thoughts on Fluid Assemblages

The work will examine how bodies, human and nonhuman, are subject to experience climate changes on a micropolitical scale.

Victor Artiga Rodriguez

Hailing from El Salvador, Victor Artiga Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the convergence of poetry, the body, and digital technologies. Through multimedia installations and performances, he explores new forms of narration that touch upon themes of decolonization, climate crisis, and nostalgia.

With his performative project Thoughts on Fluid Assemblages, Artiga Rodriguez seeks to enact an inquiry into the empathy needed to respond to the climate crisis. His piece will examine how bodies, human and nonhuman, are subject to experience climate changes on a micropolitical scale. Acting out different scenarios, participants will engage in somatic and sound exercises relating to the impact of contaminated water sources.

Collaboration, co-creation, and co-authorship are fundamental to Artiga Rodriguez’s practice. The new work is structured around this principle, while exploring notions around assemblage, landscapes, entangled bodies, fluidity, and the porous exchange between human and nonhuman bodies. Artiga Rodriguez has invited the artists, performers, and dancers Carla Anacker, Edgar Lessig, and Icaro Lopez de Mesa Moyano to jointly experiment with collaborative methodologies of dramaturgical, choreographic, and scenographic creation.

They have developed a series of scores, diagrams, and verbal explorations that facilitate an in situ rehearsal. The first iteration was presented at the Forecast Forum in July, 2023, and throughout the following months, their collaboration continues to develop in different formats, ongoing exchanges of ideas and reference materials, and physical experimentations during short residencies.

In 2020, emerging from Artiga Rodriguez’s previous collaborations, the collective Tremenda Corporea was formed, converging performance, technology, design, and sonic explorations. The collective is unfixed, and changes over time, resembling an organism that grows and adapts. While Thoughts on Fluid Assemblages is centered on explorations by Anacker, Lessig, and Artiga Rodriguez, other members of the collective support the process with sound and scenography: Icaro Lopez de Mesa and Rahel Jüngling, respectively. Their collaborative process will culminate in a corporeal and sonic exploration on the contamination of bodies in the techno capitalist era.

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Video by Stephan Talneau