Irakli Rusadze

Sartorial Identities

“We should feel that projects are the result of personal questioning, and in touch with the present fashion scene and market.”

Irakli Rusadze is the creative director of the Tbilisi-based fashion brand SITUATIONIST, which he co-founded in 2015. A self-trained designer, Rusadze’s distinctive pattern-cutting and tailoring form the basis of his designs, alongside a desire to challenge “post-Soviet” stereotypes and reflect on contemporary social issues in Georgia.

Only two years after its launch, SITUATIONIST was featured as a guest brand at Milan Fashion Week in 2017. The brand began presenting its collections at Paris Fashion Week the following year, and in 2022, Rusadze, who is committed to working sustainably, unveiled a zero-waste collection there.

SITUATIONIST Spring/Summer 2021
SITUATIONIST Fall/Winter 2021

As a mentor, Rusadze is looking for candidates who understand “how to build their identity through their originality.” He seeks applicants who’ve learned to master their chosen field and feel confident with their knowledge. “People should apply with projects that are unique, sincere, and authentic,” he adds. “We should feel that their projects are the result of personal questioning, and in touch with the present fashion scene and market.”

The projects should be both creative and achievable. Therefore, applicants should be motivated to make their projects come to life and be open to adjusting them to stay in touch with the reality of the market. “Through the years, we learned how to make fashion and art communicate, and at the same time also sell the collections that we are proposing to the global market. Even though the platforms we work with propose products to a wide audience and in large quantities, we stayed true to our values and kept hand-making all our garments in the most sustainable way possible.”

SITUATIONIST, Look from Forbidden Family.

Rusadze is looking forward to sharing his experience running a high-pressure business, never losing sight of unnegotiable values and creative identity. “With this mentorship, I hope we can understand together how to adapt your uniqueness and authenticity to make it valuable and an asset to your brand.”

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