Carlos Gutiérrez

Rhythmic Excavation 

Infinite Warp and Weft

Several interdependent rhythmic levels form a complex weaving of time.

Carlos Gutiérrez

Carlos Gutiérrez is a composer, performer, and researcher based in La Paz, Bolivia. His work is influenced by the indigenous music of the Bolivian Highlands and extends to creating instruments, public interventions, and installations that explore tuning systems, the spatialization of sound over long distances, and aural illusions.

His project Infinite Warp and Weft entails a digital matrix score conceived as an expandable and collapsible notational space. It can generate elastic music structures with multiple coexisting time layers, rhythm configurations, and combinatorial possibilities. With flexible time and pitch parameters, rhythms can be turned into continuous tones. Add to these movements the possibility of generating several interdependent rhythmic levels and you’ll obtain a multilayered grid, a complex weaving of time.

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Video by Stephan Talneau