The Work-Stay: Kyoto and Osaka

Victor Artiga Rodriguez and Yuya Tsukahara Delve Into the Symbolism of Water in Japan

Last month, Victor Artiga Rodriguez met with mentor Yuya Tsukahara in Japan for their work-stay in Kyoto and Osaka.

Their primary objective was to advance Artiga Rodriguez's research on symbolism and traditions related to water. In addition, he also got to experience and interact with the way Tsukahara works with his collaborators in the improvisational performance collective contact Gonzo.

Collaboration, co-creation, and co-authorship are fundamental to Artiga Rodriguez’s practice. The new work, which will premiere at the Forecast Festival, is structured around this principle, while exploring notions around assemblage, landscapes, entangled bodies, fluidity, and the porous exchange between human and nonhuman bodies.