Forecast Festival 2023

Experience New Cutting-Edge Projects

Forecast 7 will culminate in a two-day event at Radialsystem on March 17–18. The entire venue will be activated through boundary-pushing contributions by the mentors and mentees including stand-up comedy, deconstructed magic, cinematic explorations, and vocal experimentations.

The six mentees will bring their projects to life in concerts, performances, installations, and conversations. In addition, the mentors of Forecast 7 will also present their own work in formats crafted especially for the Forecast Festival.

Experience new projects by artists, performers, filmmakers, and creative thinkers as they get their world premiere at the Forecast Festival.

The festival takes place in English.

Day pass | 8 euros, reduced 6 euros
Festival pass | 14 euros, reduced 10 euros
Tickets available here.

Friday, March 17
Doors Open 6:30 pm

7:30pm   Florentina Holzinger Performance 

8pm         Tom Cassani Expanded Magic
A mind-bending series of deconstructed sleight of      hand that highlights the performing body as an unreliable measure of truth and a site of apparent deception.

9:15pm   Mia Štark An Anthology of Glances
A performance taking place within a multi-media installation* that challenges our habits of looking and seeing and touches on the absurd in exploring how these can be expanded by using the body in unexpected ways.

*The installation is accessible throughout the evening; the performance takes place once.

9:45pm   Florentina Holzinger, Tom Cassani, Mia Štark, and Ana Prvački In conversation
On pushing the limits of performance art, deconstructing physical practices, and redefining the role of the audience.

10:15pm  Ana Prvački German premiere of a mystery piece

Saturday, March 18
Doors Open 4 pm

4pm      Luciana Decker Orozco What Humans See as Blood, Jaguars See as Chicha
A film installation* relating ancient oral traditions from the Bolivian Andes that imbue nature with personhood to revere and protect it.

*Accessible throughout the two-day Festival

5pm      Laura Huertas Millán Screening and discussion on strategies of resistance and survival in her moving-image work, followed by a conversation with Luciana Decker Orozco.

6:30pm Alia Ibrahim Screening and talk based on the experience of a refugee in Berlin

7pm      Alexis Guillier Purgatoire (Cinema that Kills)
An immersive screening that looks at a deadly fire that broke out on the set of the 1969 Lebanese film Koullouna Fidayoun by Gary Garabedian, delving into the complexity of the film’s context, the precariousness of Lebanese cinema, and the investigation of the accident.

8:15pm   A conversation between Alexis Guillier and investigative journalist Alia Ibrahim, moderated by writer and performer Sofi Naufal.

8:45pm   Daliso Chaponda An intimate stand-up performance

9:15pm   Hamza Baig The Marblous Four
A screening of the first episode of a live-action series that reimagines the traditional Pakistani game of Five Stones with a female superhero twist.

10:15pm   Peny Chan 鳳殞 (Sorrow of the Phoenix)
An experimental reinterpretation of the Peking Opera style of singing, focusing on the traditional character of the concubine. Chan seeks to give agency to the female character with a richer, more versatile, and sometimes discordant voice.

10:45pm   Rully Shabara An exploration of the voice as a medium of creation, and language as material for experimentation

Workshops by LINA fellows Studio Inscape and Tevi Allan Mensah 

Saturday, March 18
from 3 pm

Studio Inscape Gestures of Maintenance—A workshop on networked thinking
Trained as architects and urbanists, the members of Rotterdam-based Studio Inscape aim to translate eco-philosophical theory into practice within the built environment. Participants in this workshop will consider spatial arrangements, power relations, and possible future scenarios.

Duration: 1 hour

Tevi Allan Mensah Borderline Investigations—A walk on the edge
Architect and visual artist Tevi Allan Mensah invites participants to reflect together on the new narratives of tomorrow through a fundamental act: a walk. This tour will explore the former Berlin Wall territory and its surroundings near Radialsystem to contemplate on the margins as areas of potential for change. During the workshop preceding the walk, participants will prepare archetypes such as traveling structures, flags, and banners to accompany the odd procession while discussing borders, past and present.

3pm Workshop—1 hour
The workshop involves building a light wooden structure and screen-printing flags. Suitable for ages 7 and up.

4pm Parade—approx 1 hour
The parade is open for all ages. 

The workshops are free of charge but capacity is limited. Please register here:

Studio Inscape   

Tevi Allan Mensah—Workshop (from 3pm)

Tevi Allan Mensah—Parade (from 4pm)