Mia Štark

Slapstick and Seduction

An Anthology of Glances

Fascinated by absurd and humorous occurrences in everyday life, artist Mia Štark has decided to dedicate her work to their artistic investigation.

Mia Štark

Her project involves a performative piece inspired by the media-consumption habits of a specific age group in her native Croatia or, more precisely, her grandmother’s reliance on TV for information.

The work meanders around the topic of how we watch, look at, listen to, and receive news of any kind. An Anthology of Glances is at once a comment as well as a proposition on how to consume information more carefully, packaged in the format of a short TV series and Public Service Announcements.

Štark will work together with artist Ana Prvački as her mentor to produce the project in the framework of Forecast. Prvački said: “Mia’s project is about developing an anthology of glances; she plays with ways of seeing the world and oneself. Her background in fine arts and dance enables her to communicate how the body functions in relation to nature and the built environment.”


Watch a recap of Štark’s contribution at the Forecast Forum 7: