Hamza Baig

Humor and Storytelling

The Marblous Four

Pakistani filmmaker Hamza Baig proposes a live-action series that reimagines the traditional game of Five Stones with a superhero twist.

Hamza Baig

Set in the imaginary village of “Geetapur” (inspired by Chakwal, Pakistan) the plot centers on the local children, who possess a set of magical marbles that have the power to sustain life in the village. The story follows Guddo, whose attempt to help her peers through the use of her unique marbles repeatedly ends in disaster.


The narrative interweaves humor with drama and is to unfold against the backdrop of an extremely modest community knit together by tradition. Baig will work together with author and comedian Daliso Chaponda towards completing the show’s pilot within the framework of Forecast.

Chaponda said: “I have chosen to keep working with Hamza Baig because his project The Marblous Four captivates me—it’s so ambitious and unique. I also think his piece will benefit from a mentorship because he is able to accept criticism in a way that a lot of artists (including me!) struggle with. Each draft of his script was a step forward and he showed a singular talent in getting charming performances from non-actors. We also have a similar ethos of art; both of us want to share elements of our culture while entertaining. I think collaborating will enrich us both.”

Watch a recap of Baig’s contribution at the Forecast Forum 7: