Alia Ibrahim

A Dance with Reality

“My personal dream is to revolutionize storytelling.”

Journalist and self-described “realist utopian” Alia Ibrahim is a seasoned news correspondent who has been reporting on the Arab region since 1996. Between 2005 and 2011, her opinion and news stories appeared in important publications including The Washington Post, where she was a contributing reporter. Ibrahim also held a position as Senior Correspondent at Al-Arabiya News Channel and since 2015, she has produced and directed investigative reports for the network’s Special Mission program. She has also been a journalism instructor at the Lebanese American University.

In 2017, Ibrahim and a group of fellow journalists cofounded, an independent digital media platform of which she is the CEO. “Our main objective is to produce high-quality and impactful content,” she says. “My personal dream is to revolutionize storytelling.”

Rif Halab, 2012, ©Hazem el Amin
Saida, Lebanon, 2008
Sarakeb, Northern Syria, 2012. Photo: Fadi Zaidan

“The more professional I grew, the more convinced I became that by focusing too much on what we, as journalists, assume is what people want or need to know, we outtake some of the best parts of the narrative,” Ibrahim explains. “After more than twenty years in the field, my passion for journalism and belief in its importance continued to grow. And as attached as I am to the principles of strong, fearless journalism that holds power into account, I believe a lot can be done to push for more inspiring and empathetic storytelling.”

As a mentor, Ibrahim is interested in working with applicants who want to explore boundaryless forms of storytelling. She encourages writers to apply, but also artists, filmmakers, choreographers, or anyone else who feels curious about or inspired by what she describes as “the magic of the mundane.”

Mosul, 2017. Photo: Talal Khoury
Istanbul, Turkey, 2016. Photo: Talal Khoury

“I view this mentorship as an opportunity to learn about other forms of content production and to maybe even liberate myself from the limitations of the profession I love so much,” she adds.  “In return, I would be there to share my knowledge, my passion, and my will to dance the dance.”


Watch the video statement to find out more about what Ibrahim is looking for in applications: