The Work-Stay: Berlin

Adéola Ọlágúnjú and Tobias Zielony at radialsystem

Ọlágúnjú traveled to Lagos weeks before the work-stay to record sound for her mixed-media work Born Throw Way! In Berlin, she and Zielony planned the installation in situ.

Adéola Ọlágúnjú and Tobias Zielony, her mentor in the field Still Images, Loud Voices, were able to meet in person for a work-stay in Berlin in early March and finally engage with her work in face-to-face conversations. Together, they visited radialsystem, the venue for the hybrid Forecast Festival in April, to make crucial decisions about the work’s site-specific presentation.

Forecast’s program includes several key milestones in which the mentor and mentee meet in person and workshop the mentee’s project. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the participants in Forecast’s fifth edition have only met digitally. We sat down with Ọlágúnjú and Zielony for a socially-distanced interview to hear how they’ve experienced the program so far, despite the unusual circumstances of the mentoring process.

Camera: David Buchholz. Editor: Lukas Feigelfeld, Retina Fabrik