The Collective of Collectives Presents:

Nasty Temple Radio

Listen to the first installment of the show, which will be continued at the fourth Forecast Festival in April.

 Nasty Temple Radio by The Collective of Collectives originated as an experiment in sharing perspectives, seeking to go beyond the individual in the process of knowledge production.

The project was born from Parasite 2.0‘s participation in the fourth Forecast Forum in July 2019 under the mentorship of Jerszy Seymour, and takes its cue from Oswald de Andrade’s infamous Manifesto Antropófago: Nasty Temple is the result of metabolizing four different collectives of artists, assimilating them in one new bolus, a new collective body.

Nasty Temple Radio is a radio show composed equally by all players involved, offering visceral sounds from deep within. The Collective of Collectives comprises AVAF-House of Chroma; Questions Collective: Parasite 2.0; and Sonder. The collective of collectives’ Nasty Temple Radio is a preview of Nasty Temple, a joint performance to be staged at the fourth Forecast Festival in Berlin in April 2021.


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