A Project by Rylan Gleave


Composer and performer Rylan Gleave is nominated in the category Sound as Organized Time, mentored by Sofia Jernberg. He will work on a new music-theater piece exploring the changing timbres of his late-breaking voice, three years into artificial testosterone treatments.

The theatrical solo casts the trans voice as a protagonist, splitting and breaking between warm bass notes, sustained drones, heavy-metal style shrieks, ingressive vocalizing, and a newly “grown” falsetto. The project will also include intersectional artist discussions and panel events aimed at facilitating connections and considerations for the Queer and Disabled communities, and developing resources that are gender- and neurodiverse friendly.

At the Forecast Forum, Gleave will share his research and reflections in a video work, including footage from panel events, improvisation sessions, vocal groups, and solo performance. With KITH, Gleave aims to identify what is needed for marginalized artists in the creative industries, while delving further into the possibilities of his own voice, and the impact that this community work has on how he expresses himself vocally.