A Project by Iman Jesmi

Sensory Souvenir

Iranian composer and sound artist Iman Jesmi is nominated in the category Sensing the World, mentored by artist Emeka Ogboh.  His project explores the correlation between sounds and smells in European cities, and how they have shifted through immigration.

With Luca Turin’s theory in mind—that receptors in the nose respond to the vibrations of a molecule—he plays with the notion that both auditory and olfactory systems are based on vibrations. Focusing on Berlin, Jesmi aims to produce a radio series using original and archival field recordings, interviews, and electronic music to narrate and question the city’s sound- and smellscape. The research will also be collected in a sound-and-smell map of the German capital, tracing its transformations throughout history.

At the digital Forecast Forum, Jesmi will premiere an audiovisual documentary work telling stories of people who had been uprooted from their old surroundings to start a new life in an unfamiliar environment.