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Arne Vogelgesang

Arne Vogelgesang

Arne Vogelgesang has been studying the physical presence of key players in radical political groups on the internet and has assembled the found material in a compendium of gestures, attitudes and actions. Mirror Stage / Glühende Landschaften invites visitors to experience the creation of a virtual landscape of ideological Germany and participate in its development.

Applying the motion Capture technology at the Forecast Festival (Photo: Marcus Lieberenz)

“For a long time now, political subjectivity has been determined to a strong degree by the rules of the internet. We should all play formative roles in the digitalization of the German identity landscape. A preliminary step is – as we know from art – learning from radical models.”

The project links digital technologies of representation to questions of national identity. In a temporary digitalization lab, an archive of post-political avatars is generated through motion and face tracking. Guests can watch the work progress live with VR glasses and test motion capture technologies on their own bodies and/or faces. Arne Vogelgesang is a German artist living in Berlin.

Virtual gathering with avatars (Credit Arne Vogelgesang)

In 2005, Arne Vogelgesang founded internil, a label for contextual and participative work in the fields of theater and performance art that integrates video, sound and other media. For his work with internil, Arne Vogelgesang won the Bremer Autoren- und Produzentenpreis [Bremen Award for Authors and Producers] in 2013 and the 100° Berlin Jury Prize in 2014. He was the 2014 recipient of both the flausen research grant in Oldenburg and the Fleetstreet Residency in Hamburg.

Mirror Stage is conceived in collaboration with CREW and will be continued as a European co-production in 2017.

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