Meet the Mentors, July 5 at radialsystem

The Six Forecast Mentors on the Themes that Move Them

Each edition of Forecast is different; the six mentors, selected annually, impact the nature and content of every iteration.

On Friday, July 5, during the Forecast Forum, this year’s mentors each present a unique work and offer insights into the themes that motivate and inspire them.

Presentations begin at 7pm, followed by a DJ set by Sven von Thülen. All presentations are in English. Tickets 14 €, reduced 10 €



7pm Anders Nilsen, Walking in Circles
7:10pm–7:30pm Paolo Cirio, Sociality
7:30pm–8:00pm Jerszy Seymour, A General theory of Design
8:00pm Joe Richman, A Wrench in the Works
8:45pm–9:45pm Candice Breitz, Too Long Didn’t Read
9:45pm–10:15pm Okkyung Lee, Sil-Puri
10:15pm–1:00am DJ Sven von Thülen

Candice Breitz, Too Long Didn’t Read

Breitz will discuss and offer insight into the making of her work TLDR (2017), a portrait of a community of sex workers who live and work in Cape Town. The work grew out of a series of interviews and an intensive workshop with the featured participants, extending an ongoing conversation between Breitz and SWEAT (Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce), the non-profit organization with which the sex workers are affiliated. Addressing the often-fraught relationship between art and activism, the work points a finger at itself to bluntly ask whether and how artists living privileged lives can succeed in amplifying calls for social justice and meaningfully representing marginalized communities. 

Paolo Cirio, Sociality (2018)

Cirio’s artwork Sociality consists of digital prints that document more than 20,000 patents exposing socially hazardous information technology. Cirio collected and rated inventions submitted to the United States patent office, obtaining the patent images and data through hacking the Google Patents search engine. He then rated the patents and created thousands of compositions with images of flowcharts and titles of inventions, which were published on the site The visual compositions from the website are presented here as black-and-white printouts and a performative collective reading, providing information on devices that enable discrimination, polarization, addiction, deception, and surveillance.

Okkyung Lee, sil-puri (실풀이)

At the Forecast Forum, Lee will perform a solo composition for cello and prerecorded sounds. The title of the piece roughly translates to “untangling,” but is also a Korean play on a similar-sounding word that denotes a shamanic ritual, meant to ease the pain and resentments of the dead. The composition evokes the visceral unspooling of a complex intimate experience.

Anders Nilsen, Walking in Circles

During the week leading up to the Forecast Forum, Nilsen created a large landscape drawing around all walls of a particular room at Radialsystem, using whatever objects and obstructions he encountered. This landscape acts as a setting for a narrative unfolding between characters, to be expanded and completed with spectators’ input on Friday night. The construction of the drawing was captured on video, and will be projected elsewhere around the premises. It also serves as documentation before the strip is painted over.

Joe Richman, A Wrench in the Works

Richman presents a live radio storytelling performance featuring live music scoring by Patty Larkin and animation by Dusty Studio. The piece explores how the smallest things can sometimes have the biggest consequences. Even with nuclear missiles.

Jerszy Seymour, A General Theory of Design (2009–ongoing)

Conceived after the financial crisis of 2008 and following Seymour’s proposition of the non-gesamt Gesamtkunstwerk (the non-total total artwork), A General Theory of Design is both a feverishly subjective and pathological lecture, as well as a minimal logical performance. It touches upon possible social constructs and obscure recesses in the mind, and comprises sampled, adapted, and invented texts.