Forum 8, July 14–16, 2023

A Spotlight on 18 New Boundary-Pushing Projects

Join the Forecast Forum in Berlin's Radialsystem for a weekend of thought-provoking experiences conceived by audacious practitioners from all over the world.

The Forecast nominees present their projects in a stimulating three-day event. Eighteen creative practitioners introduce their topics and unique approaches in performances, concerts, installations, fashion showcases, and readings during the Forecast Forum, July 14–16, 2023, at Radialsystem.

Watch a recap of the eighth Forecast Forum, July 14–16,2023

The mentors of Forecast’s 2023-24 edition, who have selected their respective nominees and are supervising project development, are poet Gabeba Baderoon (South Africa); drummer Greg Fox (USA); visual artist Roee Rosen (Israel); fashion designer Irakli Rusadze (Georgia); photographer Mila Teshaieva (Ukraine); and performance artist Yuya Tsukahara (Japan).

Friday, July 14
from 7pm (Doors 6pm)

Rhythmic Excavation 
Mentor: Greg Fox
Nominees: Alex Grübler, Carlos Gutiérrez, Whitney Johnson

Post Punk Performance
Mentor: Yuya Tsukahara
Nominees: Fabian Krestel, Richard McReynolds, Victor Artiga Rodriguez 

Saturday, July 15
Forecast Freeflow by the Spree with Sanni Est (Live)
from 5–7pm, free admission

Showcases from 7pm (ticketed)

Troubled Humor and Tainted Beauty
Mentor: Roee Rosen
Nominees: Selin Davasse and Lucinda Dayhew, Gustavo Gomes, Walter Solon.

Sartorial Identities
Mentor: Irakli Rusadze
Nominees: Itala Aguilera, Aidan Jayson Peters, Tim van der Loo 

Sunday, July 16
from 4pm (Doors 3pm)

Voluptuous Silence and Sociality in Poetry
Mentor: Gabeba Baderoon
Nominees: Marcela Huerta, Suji Kwock Kim, Juliana Sokolová

From Questions to Images
Mentor: Mila Teshaieva
Nominees: Mari Kalabegashvili, Anastasiia Kalyta and Mykhailo Bogachov, Paola de Grenet with 50& Beyond


6 Euro, reduced 3 Euro
Day Passes Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

Weekend Pass (for all three days)
12 Euro, reduced 8 Euro