Forecast Forum 2021

Watch the Recording of the Sixth Forecast Forum

From September 9–11, 2021, the nominees in Forecast’s sixth edition shared their projects with the public in a livestreamed digital event. A recording of the three-day Forum is now available here.

Thursday, September 9, from 6pm CET:

Translating Sensations
Cartoonist Ulli Lust has selected three nominees who will create graphic novels focusing on autobiographical material in which no topic is off-limits. Here, personal trauma stands in for big topics such as totalitarianism, abuse of power, and transactional relationships.
With works by Ness Ilene Garza (United States), M.S. Harkness (United States), and Özge Samancı (United States/Turkey)

From Stories to Spaces
Under the mentorship of architect Tatiana Bilbao, the nominees analyze how a space’s design can impact the ways in which we perceive our own potential within it. This field’s three projects share a common interest in exploring how architecture can foment creativity, autonomy, and a sense of dignity in its users.
With projects by Yasmin Schönmann (Germany), Luísa Sol (Portugal), and Sarah Oberrauch (Italy)

Forecast Forum, Day 1

Friday, September 10, from 6pm CET:

Data Democracy and the Green Transition
Digital policy expert Francesca Bria oversees three proposals which, at their core, share a strategic and aesthetic vision: how can digital technologies, Big Data, and AI support alternative projects based on data democracy, digital sovereignty, and citizen participation?
With works by Jaya Klara Brekke (Sweden), Walter Palmetshofer (Austria), and Pamela Breda (Italy)

Sensing the World
Melding the personal and the political, each of the three nominees by artist Emeka Ogboh proposes a conceptual artwork that questions collective memories and histories through sensory experiences such as taste, smell, and hearing.
With works by Awuor Onyango (Kenya), Iman Jesmi (Iran), and Timothy Lee (United States)

Forecast Forum, Day 2

Saturday, September 11, from 6pm CET:

Unlimited Gestures
For choreographer Mathilde Monnier, the body is “an infinite reservoir of discovery and potential.” Her nominees propose projects that explore dance as the embodied expression of tacit knowledge shaped by quotidian domesticity, a personal battle for survival, or a massive political movement.
With works by Simona Deaconescu (Romania), Aída Herrera Peña (Colombia), and Samaké Moussa (Burkina Faso)

Sound as Organized Time
The experimental musician Sofia Jernberg supports and facilitates three projects anchored in exploring music through time. The nominees bring new approaches rooted in movement, photography, and composition into their translations of concepts into contemporary sound.
With works by Flora Détraz (France), Talia de Vries (Israel), and Rylan Gleave (United Kingdom)

Forecast Forum, Day 3