Discover the Nominated Projects

The six international mentors of Forecast 9 have each selected three projects for the Forecast Forum in August, where all eighteen nominated ideas will be unveiled.

Out of over 1,100 applications from more than 110 countries, the six mentors of Forecast’s 2024–25 edition have each identified three projects that they will accompany from May until the Forecast Forum.

The projects are nominated for a one-on-one mentorship with the respective mentor and will be presented during the Forecast Forum’s public days, from August 2–4, 2024, at Radialsystem in Berlin.

Following the Forum, each mentor will select one mentee. Those six projects will be further accompanied to completion, and unveiled at the Forecast Festival in March 2025 at the same venue.

The mentors and their nominees in each category are:

Open Minded Body
Mentor: choreographer Alice Ripoll (Brazil)
Nominees: Mehdi Dahkan (Morocco), Koloto Siraji (Uganda), Patience Ebute (Nigeria)

Paradoxical Imaginings: Ideas and Objects
Mentor: designer Fiona Raby (UK)
Nominees: Johanna Seelemann (Germany), Mali Weil (Italy), Justin Bean (UK)

Images Invisible to Our Naked Eye
Mentor: photographer Lieko Shiga  (Japan)
Nominees: Sharbendu De (India), Mei Liu (China), Philadelphia Makwakwa (South Africa)

Shapes of the Unknown
Mentor: artist Theo Eshetu (UK)
Nominees: Mudassir Sheikh (Pakistan), Léllé Demertzi (Greece), Tra Nguyen (Vietnam)

A Place Beyond Fear
Mentor: documentary filmmaker Tomer Heymann (Israel)
Nominees: Hao Zhou (China), Anna Homan (Ukraine), Sharon Ryba-Kahn (France/Israel)

Expanding Your Voice
Mentor: composer and performer Ute Wassermann (Germany)
Nominees: Shasha Chen (China), Camil Navarro (Chile), Inés Terra (Argentina/Brazil)

For information on the individual projects, go to Nominees.

Experience the 18 proposals at the Forecast Forum 9 from August 2–4, 2024 at Radialsystem, Berlin.