Tomer Heymann

A Place Beyond Fear

“I want to find places that might surprise; to start a process without any ideas about the final step.”

Tomer Heymann is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose career has spanned over two decades and includes some of the most successful films in the history of Israeli documentary cinema. His critically-acclaimed films have been screened in festivals worldwide and have received prizes from the Berlinale, The Israeli Academy of Film and Television, Hot Docs, SXSW, and IDFA.

Two of his films, Mr. Gaga (2015) and Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (2016) have streamed on NETFLIX. Mr. Gaga was also shortlisted for the European Academy Awards, theatrically released in seventeen countries, and is considered the most viewed Israeli documentary film.

Heymann was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 15th Monterey International Film Festival in Mexico. Several retrospectives have been dedicated to Heymann’s films in New York, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Istanbul. His most recent films include Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life, which won the 2019 Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary and aired on the BBC documentary series Storyville, and I Am Not (2022), which had its world premiere at Docaviv, Tel Aviv, where it received both Best Director and Best Cinematography Awards. The film also won the Best Documentary Film at the Israel Documentary Forum Award in 2022. Tomer teaches at several film schools in Israel.

As a mentor, Heymann is seeking artists who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and test their artistic boundaries. “I am interested in exploring various forms of the art of storytelling, from cinema to video art, animation, photography, paintings, and even dance.”

“I want to find places that might surprise; to start a process without any ideas about the final step. Working together, we can hopefully achieve crafting a raw conceptual idea into a well-rounded practical creation and acquiring professional tools on how to work in the documentary field in all of its forms.”

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