A project by Raphaëlle Oskar and Mayasari Feradina Zoesmar

Mute On

Mute On reveals what happens in the space between question and answer. Raphaëlle Oskar and Mayasari Feradina Zoesmar’s proposal combines choreo-graphy, verbal expression, and a theoretical exploration of communication processes. Just as each question looks for an answer, the duo’s performance unveils what shapes the space between person A and person B.


“We define this space both as a playground and battlefield, where the physical, mental, and emotional states of two people interact with each other. We are going to present our performance method, as well as our creative approach, and share our understanding of how biographical, educational, political, and artistic experiences shape communication processes in our relationships.”

Oskar and Zoesmar aim to highlight the importance of physical expression, particularly in an age where bodily awareness is often sidelined. Channeling inner emotional experiences into choreographed interaction, Mute On provides a tangible connection between the cerebral and the corporeal. For their Forecast project, both artists will draw on their previous experience in performance art, from Oskar’s The Prophet of Seville, cocreated with cellist and writer Elena Cheah, to Zoesmar’s five-act tragedy Frieden in Mykene

Raphaëlle Oskar holds master’s degrees in Jewish studies from universities in Stockholm, Heidelberg, and Berlin. Her research focuses on medieval Jewish thought in Muslim Spain.

Mayasari Feradina Zoesmar was born in Singapore; she studied scenography and spatial strategies in Kiel and interior design in Wiesbaden. She works as a scenographer and recently served as a curator at Aedes Architekturforum in Berlin.

Photo: Raphaëlle Oskar and Mayasari Feradina Zoesmar