A Project by Samaké Moussa

Kouma Féréleen

Burkinabe dancer and choreographer Samaké Moussa is a nominee in the category Unlimited Gestures, mentored by Mathilde Monnier. For Forecast, he proposes a work that engages with by his own difficult biography and the redemptive power he had found in dance.

Kouma Féréleen—which means “free speech” in Bambara—is an experimental choreography for a solo dancer based on Samaké Moussa’s own traumatizing experiences as a street kid in Burkina Faso, and his discovery of community, purpose, and joy in dance. Using improvisation and street dance styles but also somatic practices he attempts to "revisit these intimate places deeply buried inside me and find again these cathartic states of trance. I imagine this solo as a tribute to the abused child that I was, as a way to take care of that child still present in me,“ he says.

At the Forecast Forum, Samaké will give insights into this difficult childhood experiences which brought him to imagine this project. He will then invite viewers to explore his creative process, rooted in improvisation, with a video of a dance piece filmed on the street and in a studio.