Composition: A Music Report on the Human Species—Beyond Extinction

At the forecast Festival, the Seoul-based musician MIIIN will perform a live score of tracks, titled A Music Report on the Human Species: Beyond Extinction, that sonically depict historical events.

She envisions the composition as a warning addressed at a future intelligent being to not repeat the mistakes of the human race. For the visual layer of her performance, MIIIN is collaborating with video artist Sabrina Ratté on a video piece created especially for the score.

MIIIN at the Forecast Forum. Photo: Kerstin Schomburg.

The project has evolved since the presentation at the Forecast Forum in May, especially in terms of the topics MIIIN is homing in on. Speaking of working with her mentor, Holly Herndon, MIIIN said: After talking to Holly, my ideas are becoming more focused. Before that, I was thinking in terms that were too broad, and about huge topics. It was too big and I felt like I couldnt do the work. I realized that I should just focus on what I can do right now, and what I know very well, so I go deeper and into more specific details there.