A project by Tsao Yidi

Gray Matters

Tsao Yidi’s proposal is an interdisciplinary and international examination of representations and perceptions of the human brain. Tsao will utilize cultural history, art, literature, science, and technology to create a multifaceted exploration of the brain.


“With the advancement of neuroscience and biochemistry in modern science, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in our understanding of the brain. A vessel that collects and contains memories, emotions, and knowledge, the brain is our means of sensing and interpreting the world around us. This change ultimately alters our perception of many other things around us.”

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Gray Matters will comprise an exhibition and a seminar that will bring neuroscientists, writers, philosophers, artists, and the public together for a discussion on the brain. The construction of the exhibits will be an aspect of the exploration in itself, as visitors are encouraged to draw connections between exhibits in a manner analogous to the connections formed between neurons. These “neurons” will form four different sections. The first explores how human understanding of the brain has evolved, the second examines how art stimulates the senses beyond the visual dimension, the third discusses reality and illusions, while the fourth focuses on using implants to alter the brain.

As a curator, Tsao often brings together speakers, artists, and performers to tackle thought-provoking and controversial topics. In the past, she has examined surveillance and privacy, art as an act of rebellion, the future of Hong Kong, and modern communication technology in exhibitions, festivals, and live performances.

Tsao Yidi is a writer, curator, and producer based in Hong Kong. Learn more about her work at tsaoyidi.com.

Photo: Tatiana Shepeleva