Open Call 2016

Audacious Minds—Get Ready

The international call for applications for Forecast's second edition starts October 1, 2016. Until November 30, pioneers from any country and all disciplines may submit their project ideas to Forecast. It's the concepts that count.

From Open Call to Forecast Festival

Six accomplished mentors are offering their expertise in our call for applications. Forecast will invite 30 applicants to present their proposals at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin at the Forecast Forum in late March 2017. At the conclusion of the Forum, the six mentors will each select one concept, which they will accompany to fruition. The outcome of those collaborations will be presented at the Forecast Festival in October 2017.


Introducing the Mentors

Curator Hou Hanru is the director of MAXXI, the Italian National Museum for 21st Century Arts in Rome. An astute, subtle critic, he conceptualizes publications on art and its implications for society. For more than two decades, he has used his fine sense of current global developments in art to mount impressive shows on complex twenty-first century themes.


Designer Heather Martin has masterminded groundbreaking products and applications for some of the world's biggest labels, such as the interactive changing rooms at the Prada flagship store in New York City. She uncompromisingly applies more than 20 years of accumulated expertise in industrial design to questions of human-machine interaction. Her agency Smart Design is currently working on projects including an innovative concept for interactive television.


Video artist Bjørn Melhus is a true master of subversive storytelling. He recombines the soundtracks from familiar film scenes into new narratives and uses reenactment as a tool to subvert media stereotypes. Melhus generally appears as an actor in his own works, virtuously embodying the major myths of pop culture with his signature trenchant humor.


Architect Philippe Rahm has been considered a pioneer at the interstices of architecture, physiology, and climate research for many years now. Rahm designs structures and spaces—most recently Jade Echo Park in Taiwan—on the basis of complex studies of the geographic, meteorological, and physical characteristics of a topography. Humidity, light, and temperature fan out in a spectrum of various climate zones that positively affect the well-being of people and environment.


Choreographer Richard Siegal has long been setting new standards in contemporary dance. His interdisciplinary platform The Bakery brings together a wide variety of artists, philosophers, and software developers in innovative approaches like the If/Then Method, which is founded on the same principle as digital decision trees. Siegal's work produces mindblowing synergies, most recently at the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien) in Karlsruhe.


Composer and performer Jennifer Walshe is revolutionizing contemporary music. Her pieces are deeply anchored in everyday culture. She frequently performs her compositions personally, producing sound and rhythm in all kinds of ways. Running the gamut from electronic concert pieces to operas and theater works, her shows are unfailingly spectacular experiences featured at major international cultural festivals.