Luísa Sol

From Stories to Spaces

Architectures of Inclusion and Exclusion

Portuguese architect Luísa Sol is working on a multimedia installation that reflects on screen-based images of the home and the domestic sphere, and the storytelling contained within them.

Luisa Sol

Luísa Sol

Screen-based images of domestic architecture are omnipresent, and constitute a historical legacy of how the field is represented over time: the dreams and fantasies, but also the stereotypes, discrepancies, inequalities, and segregations. Considering the onscreen image as a space of fiction that’s also a testament to what is omitted, Sol is comprising an atlas of the audiovisual imaginary of domestic architecture. Through a comparative archiving method, she attempts to detect underrepresented realities, while also formulating a demand for a wider narration of architecture.

Based on the dialogue and exchange with the project’s mentor, Tatiana Bilbao, Sol intends to specify the impact that narratives represented within architecture have on the environment and on the people who inhabit it, be it in the physical or in a representational space.

Sol and Bilbao traveled to New York City and New Haven in early 2022. There, for the work-stay phase of the program, they met with faculty and visiting architecture professors at Yale, where Bilbao also holds a teaching position, and will host a public event at the Goethe-Institut in New York.

Watch a recap of Sol‘s contribution at the Forecast Festival 6: