A Project by Flora Détraz


Dancer and choreographer Flora Détraz is nominated in the category Sound as Organized Time, mentored by Sofia Jernberg. For Forecast, she is creating a solo performance centered on the act of screaming.

The project’s first phase will examine how screams are used in different cultures. Especially women, she argues, are taught to position their bodies and voices in harmonious, unobtrusive ways. Through choreographic tools involving weight, support, articulation, presence, space, and rhythm, she probes various ways of embodying voice. With this exploration, Détraz seeks to delve into the deeply nonrational, provocative, erotic, and feminine spiritual potential of releasing a scream.

At the Forecast Forum, Détraz will screen an experimental film with an original soundtrack based on screams as an expression of rage, sudden stupefaction, or a terrific pleasure. In the middle of a forest mirroring the invisible, there’s a face floating. Playing with distortion, transfiguration, and dismemberment, the artist is facing her own ghosts.