The Work-Stay: Barcelona

Artist Mia Štark Turns Expectations on Their Head

Mia Štark and her mentor, artist Ana Prvački, traveled to Barcelona in early December for a concentrated work-stay at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, where they deepened Štark's research into habits of looking and seeing, and how these can be altered and challenged by using the body in unexpected ways.

Artist Mia Štark’s project An Anthology of Glances involves a performative piece inspired by the media-consumption habits of a specific age group in her native Croatia or, more precisely, her grandmother’s reliance on TV for information.

Though her project originally stemmed from her grandmother’s reliance on TV news, Štark’s exploration of visual consumption goes far beyond questions of media diet. In fact, the deadpan humor of Štark’s project is an opportunity to understand the wealth of perspectives available to us through our bodies.

In a collaboration between Forecast and Fundació Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona, Štark and Prvački got together for a concentrated week of exercises around habits of looking and seeing inside the modernist masterpiece, and discussed how to funnel Štark’s ongoing research into the production that she will present at the Forecast Festival in March, 2023.

At the end of their work-stay, Štark and Prvački were joined by Forecast Artistic Director Freo Majer, and invited guests to participate in a workshop on body awareness and visual attention. Štark guided audience members through the pavilion, who, by following the artist’s sometimes absurd cues, became aware of their own physicality and habits of observation.

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