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The nominee selection for Forecast's upcoming sixth edition will be announced on May 5, 2021

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Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT]

Emergency CODE: pAUSE and pULSE

Artist and performance curator Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi plans to investigate the relationship between contemporary performance art, rituals and performative artifacts, and organic and inorganic materials. Find out more

Lulu Obermayer

Frauenliebe und Leben

Lulu Obermayer engages with female subjectivity, agency, and representation in the context of operas and classical music. As part of her Forecast project, she researched female opera protagonists who shed their victimhood and become perpetrators. Find out more

Only Game in Town

LD50: The Vorkoster

The duo Only Game in Town (Louise Pons and Mirjam Schaal) proposes a series of short performances in which three fictional nominees will enter the stomach of a living human being: the Vorkoster. Find out more

Paula Erstmann

Community Food Lab

Paula Erstmann is part of the socio-cultural initiative ZusammenKüche at Dragonerareal, Berlin, a yet undeveloped site for 500 social housing units. There, she proposes to establish a community kitchen that explores the needs of future tenants and neighbors and encourage them to think of food as an aesthetic means of communication and exchange. Find out more

Elijah Ndoumbe

Bienvenue À Ma Table

Multidisciplinary artist Elijah Ndoumbé’s project for Forecast is a multimedia eating experience for a live audience. The proposal seeks to bring traditional food from the chef’s Cameroonian and French roots to audience members while immersing them in various aspects of the cooking process. Find out more

Andrea Nones-Kobiakov

Whatever That Ground May Be

Artist Andrea Nones-Kobiakov works across photography, performance, and site-specific installations to pursue themes that reflect on displacement and comfort through the materiality of food and ingredients.
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Yelta Köm

Hide & Seek

Researcher, artist, and architect Yelta Köm looks at mapping technologies, digital image production, and data collection processes to understand how surveillance systems and data-driven structures influence heritage and memory-building, as well as a city‘s appearance. Find out more

Joana Moll

Inanimate Species

In 1971, a group of engineers designed the first commercial microprocessor, the Intel 4004. This event marked a crucial moment in recent history, as for the first time it was possible to transfer intelligence to an inanimate object.
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Founded in 2016 by Dan Gavshon-Kirkbride and James Pockson, PostRational deploys methods of research, speculative fiction, and world-building as critical design tools with which to explore questions outside the realm of conventional design and architecture. Find out more

Adéola Ọlágúnjú

Born Throw Way!

"Born throw way" is a Nigerian Pidgin English term that describes someone rejected by their family or excluded from their societal context. It can also be used to describe anyone who behaves in socially or culturally unacceptable ways, doesn’t fit in, or transgresses against the popular norm. Find out more

Mafalda Rakoš

Stop & Go—A Hitchhiker's Finger on the Pulse of Time

Mafalda Rakoš is a documentary photographer trained as an anthropologist. Her project is a research into the social psychology of Europe’s highway system, with a destination yet to be determined.
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Matthew C. Wilson

Factitious Flora

Diverse descriptions of flora, from mystical to mechanical, reflect the range of human ideas about plants. Meanwhile, artificial selection physically shapes many plant species. Colonialism and industrialism radically redistributed and reorganized biological life on the planet. Find out more

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Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo


Artist Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo proposes a multichannel video installation that confronts how fertility, eugenics, and class shape the idea of the family based on ethnic belonging.
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Segundo Bercetche and Tomi Lebrero

Eternal Procession

The bandoneon, a musical instrument similar to the concertina, was originally developed in Germany for religious processions. By the late nineteenth century, sailors brought it to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the instrument ended up being used in brothels and cabarets. Find out more

Jonathan Reus

Celestial Fruit on Earthly Ground

Jonathan Reus's multidisciplinary project points at the cultural networks that musical instruments embody. He looks at the American banjo family, beginning with the oldest existing banjo of the Americas, the Surinamese “creole bania.” Find out more

Myriam Amroun

Programming rhizome

Myriam Amroun is a cultural practitioner and a curator based in Algiers. She is the artistic director of the cultural organization rhizome, which she cofounded in 2017.
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Aude Christel Mgba

Ne Touche Pas À Mon 237

Curator Aude Christel Mgba’s project encompasses an itinerant independent institution, which aims to present all the social differences and diversity that can exist within a locality, and which are usually rendered invisible by building a national identity. Find out more

Ozoz Sokoh

Coast to Coast: From West Africa to the World

Ozoz Sokoh is a food explorer and a “traveler by plate,” dedicated to exploring sociopolitical, economic, and culinary pathways and practices related to the production and consumption of food. She believes that "food is more than eating." Find out more