A Project by Simona Deaconescu


Simona Deaconescu is nominated in the category Unlimited Gestures, mentored by Mathilde Monnier. She proposes a performative docufiction project looking at Madagascar’s 1863 dancing plague from a contemporary perspective.

With source material including the biased writings of Dr. Andrew Davidson and Dr. Andrianjafy, the work melds historical testimonies, choreographic gestures, and sound scenography.  

Creating a language in which the movement generates a critical commentary on the text, Ramanenjana aims to surface a political unconsciousness deeply rooted in an uncredited act of social rebellion through dance. This project continues Deaconescu’s research into the dance epidemics of Medieval Europe, which started in 2019 with a performance produced by The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest. 

Ramanenjana will result in a group docufiction performance with four international dancers, in collaboration with Malagasy choreographer Gaby Saranouffi and I'Trôtra International Dance Festival in Madagascar.