A Project by Sarah Oberrauch

Playground Stories

Curator and educator Sarah Oberrauch is nominated in the category From Stories to Spaces, mentored by Tatiana Bilbao. Her proposal is an imaginative playground that would stimulate children's creativity rather than include objects meant for directed use.

Oberrauch is working together with children to develop a playground with, rather than for, kids, and  examine the relationship between play and space.

Inspired by the landscape of the Italian Alps, she looks at mountain summits and other physical barriers as a starting point from which to potentially overcome, through play, physical as well as mental obstacles such as fear, failure, or shame.

Oberrauch's goal is to funnel excessive energy into socially bonding activities to foster a feeling of community. She seeks to create an environment in which kids and adults can experience their bodies not only through movements choreographed by its usage, but also in thrilling moments of loss of control.

At the digital Forecast Forum, Oberrauch invites viewers to experience and interpret space playfully through a video work.