A project by Aída Herrera Peña

Gestures of Domestic Memories: A performative way-of-knowing

Designer, dancer, and researcher Aída Herrera Peña is nominated in the category Unlimited Gestures, mentored by Mathilde Monnier, with a project that examines domestic work through an embodied and experiential exploration of gestures.

The point of departure is a migrant household worker offering services around the city of Berlin. The human body is seen as active material in constant transformation and the tool with which to perform ordinary tasks to make a livingBetween the private and public constellations, this project explores domestic work through three intangible spheres: body gestures, intuition, and tacit and embodied knowledge such as context and history.

Aída Herrera Peña seeks to unveil those three spheres in a multi-format exhibition to critically reflect on the performance of our domestic life at a socio-cultural and political level. 

At the digital Forecast Forum, the work will be showcased in a video format that encompasses the project’s multidisciplinary approach.