Six striking ideas coming to life at the Forecast Festival


The two-day program on October 20 and 21 makes new approaches tangible.




Mathieu Bujnowskyj

Mathieu Bujnowskyj’s project responds to the way digital technologies are profoundly shaping modern society and the relationship we have to architecture. His proposal posits an interior architecture used to upgrade existing buildings. For Forecast, Bujnowskyj intends to design and build experimental furniture on a 1:1 scale, creating new domestic objects that interact with the infosphere by shielding electromagnetic waves or filtering information and thus allow conventional building typologies to be adapted to new uses. › More about Mathieu Bujnowskyj

Mathieu Bujnowskyj is mentee of PHILIPPE RAHM


Renan Laru-an

Renan Laru-an’s project proposal The Artist and the Social Dreamer is a curatorial plan that puts the medium of formal orations at the heart of an exhibition, focusing on forms of globalization created by the internationalisms of authoritarian leaders. Libyan Prime Minister Muammar Gaddafi, Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos, Nur Misuari, and other dictators have used speeches to instrumentalize their postcolonial histories, ethnicities, and nationalities. The Artist and the Social Dreamer examines such speeches through a curator’s lens. › More about Renan Laru-an

Renan Laru-an is mentee of HOU HANRU


Stefan Maier

Stefan Maier’s proposal questions the notion of freedom in the age of deterministic algorithms. Proposing a completely new direction for his work, Maier looks to explore and conceptualize human agency in a society dominated by feeds that socially condition our preferences and reinforce habitual modes of thinking. › More about Stefan Maier

Stefan Maier is mentee of JENNIFER WALSHE


Flora Miranda

Flora Miranda’s proposal presents an application that collects data about a user’s online behavior to design a unique item of clothing specifically for him or her. In a second step, a garment is knitted. The user can view and modify the piece by changing keywords, time periods, or indeed by surfing the web in a new way and generating a new pattern of online behavior. › More about Flora Miranda

Flora Miranda is mentee of MAX WOLF


Tara Catherine Pandeya

Tara Catherine Pandeya’s project is a one-woman multimedia show inspired by human emotions. The work is a fictional dance world of Pandeya’s own invention, choreographed using the traditions of ethno-contemporary Central Asian dance. Raqsistan: A Cartography of the Body puts forth dance as an accessible art form capable of transcending linguistic, political, and religious boundaries. › More about Tara Catherine Pandeya

Tara Catherine Pandeya is mentee of RICHARD SIEGAL

Video art

Liliana Piskorska

Liliana Piskorska’s video art proposal Public Displays of Affection tackles the tremendous changes Poland has undergone in recent years. For Forecast, Piskorska will use performance, video, and photo-graphy to process Poland’s current social phenomena in a subversive way. She is interested in capturing the gradually increasing tremor on the surface of public disquiet, forecasting the possibility of change. › More about Liliana Piskorska

Liliana Piskorska is mentee of BJØRN MELHUS