Forum’s Shortlist

The 30 concepts have been chosen!

Over the past few weeks, the six mentors have chosen a total of 30 project ideas out of more than 450 applications from around the world. We are delighted to announce the names of the candidates who will be discussing and presenting their concepts to the public under the auspices of the Forecast Forum, taking place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt from March 31 to April 1, 2017.

Hou Hanru (FR)

Jesi Khadivi (US), Annika Kuhlmann (DE),
Renan Laru-an (PHL), Mika Savela (FI), Tsao Yidi (CN)

Heather Martin (GB)

Michel Erler (DE), Flora Miranda (AT),
Ricardo O’Nascimento (BR/IT), Jaime Patarroyo (CO)

Bjørn Melhus (DE/NO)

Joshua Kagimu (UG), Liliana Piskorska (PL), Anna Sobczak (DE/PL),
Julia Sokolnicka (PL), Beny Wagner (DE/US/IL), Hui Ye (CN)

Philippe Rahm (CH)

Marina Andronescu (FR), Mathieu Bujnowskyj (FR), Nichola Czyz (GB),
Sebastian Haug (DE), Carlos Ramírez-Pantanella (ES)

Richard Siegal (US)

Joël Detiege (US), Tara Catherine Pandeya (US),
Kevin Simmonds (US), Ania Soliman (US/PL/EG), Isaac Chong Wai (HK)

Jennifer Walshe (IE)

Stephen Kwok (US), Stefan Maier (CA),
Scott McLaughlin (IE), Maya Shenfeld (IL), Lisa Tuyala (DE)

During the run-up to the Forum, we’ll present all the participants’ project ideas in our journal, so be sure to visit our website regularly.