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Forecast encompasses one-on-one mentorships, the workshop series Forecast Condensed, and is the initiator of collaborative projects with multiple institutional partners, such as Driving the Human (2020–2023) and Housing the Human (2018–2019).



Aisha Altenhofen
Working Student (Social Media)
Driving the Human


Rabea Kaczor
Program Development, International Cooperation and Fundraising Officer


Agata Lorkowska
Head of Projects and Team


Tine Neumann
German Communication and
Press Forecast Mentorships


Inês Revés
Communication and Press
Driving the Human

International Communication and Press Forecast Mentorships


Vera Sacchetti
Program Coordinator Driving the Human

Sophie Charleson
Production Assistant Forecast


Nikola Joetze
Project Coordinator Driving the Human



Patrick Liwitzki
Production Manager Forecast Mentorships


Freo Majer
Artistic Director


Hili Perlson
Executive Editor Forecast Mentorships





Jeanica Zuberbier
Trainee Forecast Mentorships