New interdisciplinary collaboration

Housing the Human

Forecast is pleased to announce the kickoff of Housing the Human, a collaborative interdisciplinary project involving leading European institutions and organizations that revolves around the question what might it mean to house the human—today and in the future. Housing the Human focuses on developing methods for practical futurology—a semantic paradox that the project seeks to … Continued
Six mentees

Congratulations to the six mentees of the 2018 edition

From May 7 to May 12, Forecast and Haus der Kulturen der Welt welcomed 18 artists, musicians, producers, and collectives to the Forecast Forum, an intensive four days of workshops with their mentors, followed by two days of public presentations and discussions. At the end of the action-packed public weekend, the mentors each selected one … Continued
Beyond Radio

Dealing with Communication and Legibility, Translation, and Displacement

Radio producer and curator Peter Meanwell is the mentor in the category Beyond Radio, which he describes as being “about considering the notion of transmission and broadcast, but freed from the constraints of traditional radio infrastructures.” “We think of radio as the news that comes out of the box in the kitchen,” he adds, “and … Continued

Not Just about Seeing

Curator David Elliott defined the category of his mentoring at Forecast as Looking. Why? “Looking is an active verb,” he explains. “It’s not just about seeing—it implies a ‘for.’ What is this ‘for’ and what does it have to do with art? This is the subject of my mentorship.” Through art and artistic practices, the … Continued

Expanding the Idea of What Composition Can Be

For musician and mentor Holly Herndon, the category Composition refers to time-based work either in the form of documentation/recorded media, performance, or a combination thereof. “My primary focus concerns, but is not limited to, sound,” she says. She selected the three projects that will be presented at the Forecast Forum for their ability to reflect … Continued
Invasive Design

Inquiries into Alternative Futures

Design curator and museum director Tulga Beyerle borrowed the term Invasive Design from Robert Stadler, the designer who coined it, to define her mentorship’s topic. “[Invasive Design] describes how design is not always as clear, functional, or positive as it pretends to be” she says. “My particular interest is to ask what design can do … Continued
Living Matter

Working with a Material in an Unpredictable Way

Artist Laura Lima often uses immaterial phenomena and living matter as the basis of her artworks. She also defined the category of her mentorship at Forecast as Living Matter, explaining that “living matter can be an idea, inanimate material; or it can also be fiction, a philosophical matter, an invention, a new possibility of working … Continued
Moving Image

A Parallel World with Its Own Logic and Contradictions

Artist and filmmaker Omer Fast explains how he chose the three candidates for the Forecast mentorship program out of dozens of applicants: “I understand moving image in the broadest possible way, encompassing everything between live performance and film. The three artists I requested to work with all had strong work; each project can open a … Continued

Forecast Forum

Forecast is an international platform that promotes experimentation with pioneering ideas through mentorships in the fields of art, design, music, dance, architecture, curatorial practices, and beyond. At the Forecast Forum, 18 projects by this year’s participants will be presented to the public during an action-packed weekend at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. At the … Continued
Forum’s Shortlist

Forecast Announces the Candidates for Its 2018 Edition

Forecast is pleased to announce the participants in this year’s edition of the Forecast Forum. A total of 18 projects have been selected out of more than 390 applications from around the world. The six distinguished mentors of Forecast’s third iteration have each chosen three projects that they will accompany in the upcoming months, culminating … Continued
Open Call

The call for proposals is closed

Innovators from around the world, working in a vast variety of disciplines, were asked to submit their project ideas to Forecast. More than 393 applicants from over 200 cities responded to the international Open Call and submitted their proposals to one of the six mentors. The range of applications has again exceeded all expectations, showing … Continued
Open Call

Shape the Future: Apply Today

The call for proposals for Forecast’s third edition is now online. The Forecast process is one of mutual engagement, where mentees from any country, background, and discipline can use their imaginations to tackle pressing questions. How should the future look? Six mentors, leaders in their respective fields, will support these innovators: museum director Tulga Beyerle … Continued