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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply? Am I too far along in my career, or perhaps too inexperienced?

As Forecast is meant for pioneers, innovators, and beginners, we do not pass judgment if you do not have a wide range of experience in your field of interest. Yet we are also convinced that being a forward thinker does not necessarily have to do with age. To us, it means that you are setting out to explore new territories – so we do not impose an upper age limit either.


What are the criteria for getting invited? Who decides? 

Forecast’s core interest is the individual quality of each proposal. Each mentor decides whom he or she wants to invite to the Forecast Forum, and, after meeting the participants during that week, whose project will be brought to fruition and showcased at the Forecast Festival.
While developing your application, please consider what might be a common ground or connection between your practice and that of the intended mentor’s.


How may I benefit as participant? What can I expect?

First, Forecast provides the exchange of thoughts, including criticism, inspiration, and encouragement from experienced and open-minded people leading remarkable careers. Functioning as an interdisciplinary platform, Forecast provides access to a unique network, be it Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), or the institutions that our mentors lead or work with. A key benefit might be the opportunity to achieve a first realization of the project you’ve been dreaming of. If your proposal is chosen as one of the six projects to be showcased at the Forecast Festival, Forecast grants you accommodation and travel costs, and provides a basic budget of 7.000€ for production. In that case, you will benefit from using the equipment and spaces at HKW, and get support for further collaborations and/or funding.


What will the mentoring process look like? What may happen if the mentor and I just don’t fit together?

The mentoring phase between May and October is flexible and not place bound, unlike a residency. The form and frequency of the exchange depends on the mentee’s and mentor’s needs and possibilities. The relationship between each mentee and mentor is certainly something very personal. The Forum week in May will provide a first opportunity to build a relationship and explore ways of discussing each work. We believe that the best possible match will be made within each mentoring tandem, as each mentor decides with whom he or she wants to collaborate. We are convinced that both the mentees’ and mentors’ interest and curiosity will fuel this process. Certainly, our team will always be there to support and/or moderate the mentoring process, if desired. See here what participants of the latest edition say about their experience.


What kind of proposal will secure me the best chance being admitted?

We recommend proposing something you really want to do. Having a mentor understand your authentic interest and ambition is the best possible basis for initiating a dialogue.


May I apply to collaborate with a mentor who usually does not work in the field or discipline I propose? 

Absolutely. Each mentor decides whom to invite, depending on what potential he or she sees in your proposal. On our website, each mentor expresses a certain interest and/or expectation regarding the collaboration within Forecast, so we’d recommend including these statements into your considerations.


I have already done a project that I am proud of. Could I apply proposing this project?

No. Forecast is about the process of developing a new idea — with all its unpredictability. If we do not see the potential for development, your proposal will not fit Forecast’s concept. You may use the portfolio to show the spectrum of your work.


May I submit various projects for one edition of Forecast?

No. Please apply with the project that is most relevant to you.


May I apply for multiple mentors?

No (and yes). If you are somewhat indecisive about your intended mentor or could imagine an alternative mentor for your project, you may mention that in your proposal. It may also happen that even though your intended mentor does not choose you, another of the six will take interest in you. The mentors act as an advising jury for each other to reflect on the submitted concepts.


We are a group. May we apply as a team?

We do not recommend applying as a group. Internal group processes could interfere with the one-on-one relationship that mentoring implies. Please note that we cannot provide a travel allowance for more than one participant, and the production budget remains the same whatever the number of your collaborators may be.


I would like to apply via mail. Are the requirements the same as in the online process?

Yes. You still send just one copy of the material. Please make sure that the structure is the same as that on our form, and that the amount of submitted materials does not exceed what we have defined for the online application. That is:

  • Your mentor: define the intended mentor.
  • Your concept: 1800 characters max.
  • Your portfolio: select work that you really want to show. We ask you to send us a maximum of eight pages / pictures / visuals.
  • Your life and career: three projects, jobs, or moments in your life that have been of special importance to you, 600 characters max.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  • Basic information: first name, last name, year of birth, address, country of residence, citizenship(s), and email.


If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.